The City Manager’s Contract

The City Manager’s contract is ridiculous. $400+ k a year plus benefits that put him well north half a million bucks a year.

A golden parachute that pays him a million dollars even if he quits to comb the beach on Tahiti till the money runs out.

(El Diario reports that Mr. Gonzalez is the most well paid City Manager in Texas.)

And then City Council gave him a five year extension two years before his current contract ran out.

Does he have something on them? Incriminating photos from the City Council Christmas Party, perhaps?

I can work with anyone if they do their job, but it’s hard to believe that we’re getting our money’s worth from the City Manager. Especially when our taxes go up every year, and city service’s decline. It’s hard to decide whether it’s the City Council or the City Manager who’s at fault for the City’s financial mess, but I reckon there’s enough blame to go around.

I would suggest that we come to an amicable agreement regarding his contract, but if he’s not willing to make concessions, all other arrangements are on the table.

(This is a political advertisement.)

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