The Big Question: Why?

Y’all probably heard this story from NPR the other day:

The Malheur Enterprise was founded in 1909, and, like many other newspapers, was languishing. But in the past few years, its circulation has surged and it has won several national awards.

. . .

“Our overall revenue is more than triple what it was three years ago,” says Les Zaitz, the paper’s editor and publisher. “Circulation is probably double. We’re profitable, and there are not a lot of papers in the United States that can say they’re profitable.”

. . .

Reporter Pat Caldwell, who has been a journalist for 22 years, says Zaitz has transformed the way he works. “It’s all about detail,” Caldwell says, “detail, detail, detail. Y’know? And why, why, why, why? Why are you doing this? Why is this happening? Who pays for it?”

Do any of our local media ever ask Why?

Why are we so het up to build a $180+ million arena downtown?

Why does the City think we need a Great Wolf Lodge so bad that the taxpayers have to pay for it?

Why does City Council retire to Executive Session at the first sign of citizen dissent? Why can’t the public hear their discussion?

I guess the real question is why don’t our local media ask why.


  1. Because our “local” media really isn’t local any more. Hasn’t been for a long, long time. And, let’s not forget that El Paso has some of the most disinterested citizens of just about any place you can name.

  2. Their on the pay roll and the stories about the arena tells you how wonderful it will be once it is completed.

  3. I subscribe to the El Paso Times and the reasons are simple. I love stories about the EPISD cheating scandal and I love full front page pictures of Beto surrounded by his adoring acolytes puzzling over whether he’ll run for president or not. Admittedly it’s a niche market but still, I’m hooked. They say love is where you find it.

  4. The EP Times used to be kinda sorta at least a half ways decent paper back when it had competition, and back when Laird was the Editor. but ever since they got that sweetheart deal from the City to sell their building, they’ve become just as incompetent/corrupt just like everyone else. l’m proud of the fact that l can’t remember the last time l purchased that horrible fish wrap. Here’s the really funny part: the cyber “sale” that they’re having is actually more expensive than the regular sale that they just had. Yep, pathetic and stupid.

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