Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The El Paso Times ran an advertisement for article about the upcoming Chihuahuas baseball season in the print edition today. Here it is online.

Nothing says El Paso baseball like the Chihuahuas.

Tickets are now on sale for the Triple-A baseball team’s 2022 season, which kicks off at home April 12 against the Oklahoma City Dodgers.

. . .

Whether El Pasoans are there to analyze every single play or just there to enjoy the atmosphere, the team will offer plenty for fans to do.

Tickets are available for individual games, along with season passes.  Season passes can include a full season, 36 games or 18 games. Tickets can be purchased online or in-person at Southwest University Park, located at 1 Ballpark Plaza in Downtown El Paso.

 Military and first responders can purchase discounted tickets on its website.

Curiously, the article doesn’t mention what a ticket actually costs. Well, I’m here to help. If you want the cheapest seats for the season opener, and you don’t mind getting grass stains on your Dockers, you can sit on the berm for $10. (Those tickets used to be $5.) For a family of four, that works out to be $40, or approximately what you would spend on 16 gallons of milk, or 40 pounds of white rice, or 20 dozen eggs.

This year the Chihuahuas have instituted Taxpayer Appreciation Night. Friday nights, taxpayers can get in for half price, in appreciation for El Paso’s taxpayers subsidizing the billionaires who own the Chihuahuas. And by taxpayers, I mean everyone, because the increase in our property taxes gets passed on into the price of every gallon of milk, pound of rice, or dozen eggs.

Nah, I’m just kidding. MountainStar Sports Group wants to squeeze every penny they can from the El Paso taxpayer. There’s no break for taxpayers, even if the City does own the ballpark. We don’t get the benefits. We only get the costs.


  1. The decision to build a new ballpark in DwnTwn, destroying City Hall in the process, means among other things that anyone trying to go to any other event in the area (let’s say visiting the Cultural Center under construction) during a ball game is faced with endless searching for a parking place…and most of those available are in garages at $15 or so. Cohen Stadium had plenty of parking…oh well.

    1. If you recall the deal MS dictated to Wilson, MS gets a cut of the parking revenue on game nights, too.
      There is no end to the creativity of Hunt and Foster when it comes to getting their paws into the taxpayers’ pocket. And they have lots of help in City Hall to do so.

      I still want to understand what happened to the Children’s Hospital that, far as I can determine, was designed to be a slush fund for UMC but it backfired when reimbursement rates changed. Where is the slush going now?

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