Support For the Arena?

Those arena advocates are always quick to point out that the Quality of Life bond measure was supported by over 70% of the voters, or more than 100,000 people. But that bond measure included lots of other projects, including libraries and the digital wall.

So maybe support for the bond measure isn’t the best way to gauge support for the arena. I mean, maybe a lot of people really liked the idea of a digital wall, or, more realistically, libraries.

Maybe we should take a poll to determine whether or not El Pasoans still support the arena.

Wait. MountainStar Sports Group already did that. Remember this article from your favorite website?

MountainStar still has the website where El Pasoans can show their support for the arena. Somehow, we never hear about the results of the “Support the Arena” campaign.

I’m guessing the results were not what MountainStar wanted, or expected. So instead of relying on public support, they queered the game by skipping the electorate, and going right for the elected officials. Your elected officials. The ones who jacked your property taxes, and are intent to keep raising them.

Remember, the City’s Chief Financial Officer at the time of the bond election promised that the QoL bonds would require only a minimal tax increase. Remember, bond advocate Leonard “Tripper” Goodman said that the QoL projects would be economic drivers.

Remember, they both lied to you.

But lying to the voters is what public service in El Paso is all about.

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  1. 100,000 voters out of how many actual eligible citizens, I wonder……..I mean, we all know that local turnout is never high, and we also know that our city – even more than the State and Federal governments – is totally at the mercy of a very loud minority of citizens/residents, right? No Excuses. Just Vote.

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