A New Letter From Max Grossman

Max is killing it. Here’s an email I got from him last night.

Dear Friends,

The League of Women Voters of El Paso has invited me to give a presentation on the history of Duranguito to their membership tomorrow, January 25 at 6:00pm at the First Presbyterian Chuch, 1340 Murchison Dr, in the back chapel. The presentation will be followed by Q & A. I will cover the history of the neighborhood from its origins through the present day, with particular focus on the significance of the historic architecture and the archeological remains below ground. For questions about the event, contact Carol Wallace, LWVEP Secretary, 915-549-7280.


Just over one year ago, County Commissioner Vince Perez of Precinct 3 wrote a letter to the DA (attached) accusing members of the El Paso County Historical Commission, including me and Chair Bernie Sargent, of conducting a “vote” via email, constituting an “unlawful closed session that was inaccessible to the public.” 17 volunteer historians with decades of combined unpaid service were thus impugned by a County commissioner, with the collaboration of County Judge Escobar, and the case was turned over to the Texas Rangers for investigation. As we all learned from the media, the DA declined to prosecute because of “insufficient evidence of criminal intent.” To be sure, Bernie and I and the other current and former CHC commissioners were never interviewed by anyone, much less the Texas Rangers.

I wish to state, however, that I am grateful to the DA for dropping this matter altogether. We do not understand why he lumped our case together with the very separate issue of the alleged TOMA violation of members of City Council, who were specifically trained to avoid such offenses. Nevertheless, I am glad that my name has been cleared as well as Bernie’s and those of my former CHC colleagues. In any case, the true reason Perez wrote his letter and dismantled the leadership of the CHC is absolutely clear to me, Bernie, our former CHC colleagues, and the general public. We will never forget.

Have a great evening.

Love (except for you, Vince),


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