Shank Shank Shank Went the Trolley

First they said it was a bus stop, then they said it was a Sun Metro stop, but I think it was the streetcar stop.

Chet rode the streetcar.

Two weeks have passed since Chet got shivved and no one’s been arrested for his murder.

Every day that passes means an arrest is less and less likely.

The streetcar runs till midnight Sunday through Wednesday and till 3 a.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Don’t you want to wait for the streetcar, late at night, after you’ve had a few drinks, knowing that the guy who slashed Chet while he was waiting for the trolley is still out there?

Kinda makes you wonder what we pay our taxes for when the police won’t protect us, and can’t find the perpetrators even after it’s too late.


  1. There are no police to be out there. Besides, we desperately need new sub stations and a new academy, so there’s no money for real investigation or actual police work.

    1. Are you being sarcastic? Did someone hijack your account?

      If we’re so broke, how come there’s $40 million for Great Wolf Lodge?

  2. Great wolf has no shankers as future guests. I conceal carry my 45. I WANT someone to try to end my life

    1. According to a study by the Harvard Injury Control Research Center:

      “Drivers with a firearm in their vehicle may be more prone to anger, and more likely to engage in aggressive driving than those who do not have a gun.”

      “Across all demographics and regions, gun carriers were more likely to make obscene gestures at other drivers, aggressively follow them or both,” the study concluded.

      Sounds about right…

      1. justathot’s desire for a confrontation is not representative of the CHL/LTC community. There’s always “that guy” in every group.

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