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According to El Diario de Juarez, MountainStar Sports Group is trying to put a big theme park in Cd. Juarez’ Parque Chamizal.

El Gobierno del Estado planea desarrollar un parque temático en El Chamizal, pero según lo que se ha informado del proyecto, lo que se contempla es que será concesionado.

Por esa razón, y aunque se forme con recursos públicos, los juarenses tendrán que pagar para utilizarlo, advirtió el agrónomo Daniel Delgadillo Díaz, de la asociación ambientalista Árboles en Resistencia.

. . .

Dicho parque temático se desarrollará en cualquier momento “y tal vez ya empezaron” con la concesión que el pasado jueves le dio el Ayuntamiento a los propietarios del club de futbol Bravos en la zona de El Chamizal, uno de los sectores de más alta plusvalía en la ciudad, afirmó Delgadillo.

Or, for those of you who were out smoking weed under the bleachers during Spanish class:

The [Chihuahua] State Government plans to develop a theme park in El Chamizal, but according to what has been reported about the project, what is contemplated is that it will be concessioned [i.e., operated by private contractors].

For that reason, and even though it will be built with public resources, Juarenses will have to pay to use it, warned agronomist Daniel Delgadillo Díaz, of the environmental association Trees in Resistance.

. . .

This theme park could be developed at any moment “and maybe they have already started” with the concession that the City Council gave to the owners of the Bravos football club last Thursday [19 December 2019] for part of the Chamizal, one of the areas with the highest property values in the city, said Delgadillo.

Why not? It worked for the El Paso ballpark. It’s the model they’re proposing for the Children’s Museum. They take our tax dollars to build it, and then they charge us to use it. If it makes any money, they get to keep it.

We get the risk, they get the profit.

It’s kind of like Tommy G’s water parks, except they’re already forecast to lose money. Even if things work out, the taxpayers will keep feeding them. Forever.

Like the trolley.

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