Full Transparency From Our Friends at EPEC

I have this thing at my house that’s like a teevee hooked up to a typewriter. In fact, I’m typing on it right now. This teevee/typewriter combination is hooked up to a something called the “internet,” which in turn is hooked up to all these other teevee/typewriter combinations, all over something called the “World Wide Web.”

This World Wide Web is a terrific way to gather information. In fact, just about anything you might care to know is available on the World Wide Web.

Except, oddly, the Residential Rate Structure of the El Paso Electric Company.

If you go to the El Paso Electric Company website, and click through all the links to get information about residential rates, like this: https://www.epelectric.com/residential/customer-service/residential-rates-and-information, you get this information that I lifted from the EPEC website, above, and here:

“You can request rate and service information by calling the El Paso Electric Customer Service Call Center at (915) 543-5970 in El Paso, or 1 (800) 351-1621 in other service areas. You can also make your request in writing by sending an email to rate_research@epelectric.com.”

See, on their website under the heading “Residential Rates and Information,” they give you a phone number or email address where you can ask for that information, unless it’s a weekend or holiday or after regular business hours.

You might think that you could find information about the Electric Company’s residential rates on a webpage titled “Residential Rates and Information.”

You silly goose.

It’s as though they’re trying to make it harder for you to find out about their Residential Rate Structure. It’s like they’ve got something to hide. Like El Paso Electric charges residents the highest electric rates in the state of Texas.

Have you ever had someone who you thought was your friend that ended up stabbing you in the back? Those are our “friends” at the El Paso Electric Company.

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  1. As much as I agree with your stance regarding these folks, I gotta tell ya that their rates are still better than where I lived for three years, before returning to El Paso. Not only better rates, but much more dependable service. We paid through the nose for poor service in Costa Rica. Outages from minutes to hours in duration, at least once a week, followed by power surges that took out appliances and electronics left and right. I figure I spend more on repair and replacement on electrical and electronic devices in those three years than I had spent in the previous twenty years, in Texas. So, as high as they are, with their reputation for greed, EPEC is still better than (believe it or not) ICE in Costa Rica.

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