“Rio Grande Revisited: Backroads of Albuquerque”

Here’s a radio documentary from frequent El Chuqueño contributer Kent Paterson.

Join journalist Kent Paterson for a trip back and again to the Rio Abajo south of Albuquerque. This documentary explores the historical, cultural and musical connections between rural communities and small towns and the big city, with an emphasis on La Joya, Belen and Isleta Pueblo. Hear interviews and sounds that were originally aired on KUNM in the late 1990s with updated material.

Among other topics, the program examines the impacts of the Great Depression and World War Two, revisits the old New Mexico dance hall scene, hears the back stories of Albuquerque musicians Felix Peralta (Felix y Los Gatos), William Bluehouse Johnson (XIT, Jo Harjo and Poetic Justice, the Incredible Woodpeckers) and Carlo Bluehouse Johnson (Red Earth, Native Roots), and drops in on a legendary blues music jam. Plus, unsung heroes of the metro’s music scene. Co-produced by Mercedes Mejia. Support from the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund of the City of Albuquerque and the McCune Charitable Foundation.

This would be a good show to listen to on your drive up to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge to see the great blue herons.

Find the program at this link.

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