Retrovision: They’re Bullies

This article originally appeared on 14 August 2018.

Did you see this story on KVIA?

Texas oilman J.P. Bryan, one of the state’s richest men and one with deep ties to historical preservation efforts, is financing Max Grossman’s fight against the City of El Paso as it tries to build a multi-purpose entertainment venue downtown.

Grossman, a historical activist, admitted to ABC-7 Bryan is one of his financial backers.

. . .

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said having outside money meddling in local affairs is “a real concern for us.”

“I just don’t think people fully understand: Grossman’s litigation is being paid for by outside people, not El Pasoans,” he said Tuesday. “He has no financial resources. It’s being paid for by an oilman outside of Houston that is trying to determine what is best for our community.”

“And what’s good for El Paso,” Mayor Margo was probably thinking, “is more taxes!”

See, the City was counting on no one in El Paso being able to afford the litigation. That’s why they play fast and loose with the law, because they think they can get away with it. That’s why they had the declaratory judgment hearing in Austin, to make it harder for El Pasoans to attend.

They’re bullies. They try to cram their ill-conceived notions down our throat and tell us we asked for it.

Lemme tell you, I’d rather have an enlightened, generous, benevolent billionaire from out of town deciding what’s good for El Paso than a bunch of self-interested, greedy, lying politicians hornswoggling the voters and then telling them that’s what they asked for.

If the politicians want the community to decide what’s best for it, then let’s put it to a vote. Surely a new election would be cheaper than a prolonged legal battle. And maybe we could put a concise, honest, legal description of the project on the ballot, instead of the lies and misrepresentations they fed us last time.

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