Remember When?

It seems like only yesterday that MountainStar Sports Group announced their ad campaign in support of the downtown arena.

The ad campaign is geared to generate support for the City’s efforts to get the arena built, and to encourage 2012 Bond voters to make sure their original vote in favor of a downtown, multipurpose arena is honored. The ad effort was initiated by MountainStar because a small group of activists has tried to stop the arena from being built, and MountainStar says it’s time for El Pasoans to speak up against the delays and expense and finally get what they voted for – a multipurpose entertainment facility.

Really, the ad launched the day before yesterday. Yesterday, abruptly, the ad was pulled from the El Paso Times website.

What happened?

My guess is that very few people still support the downtown arena. By the time the ad was pulled, less than 1,000 people had expressed their support for the facility. And I think they started with 800. Anyhow, the support was underwhelming. So MountainStar pulled the ad.

Are they out of touch? Does surrounding yourself with sycophants distort your perception of reality?

Maybe a better question is whether or not City Council will force that downtown arena, and the tax increase required to build it, onto the voting citizens?

You can only poke the sleeping tiger so many times before the tiger wakes up, and sleeping tigers don’t wake up happy.

There are tectonic shifts taking place in the El Paso electorate. No somos tan pendejos que parecemos. Those billionaires can all stay safe behind the walls of their gated communities, but the politicians have to face the voters. They can’t pretend they didn’t notice that our tax base is collapsing. That our population growth has flatlined. They can’t keep pretending that there are no bottoms to the taxpayers’ pockets.

I bet they’ll get tired of people spitting on the floor when they see them shopping at Albertson’s.

There are five new members to City Council, and I suspect that, when their elections roll around in four years, (two years for you, Rep. Lizarraga) they’ll all plead ignorance to the trainwreck taking place around them.

I’m not buying it.


  1. Unfortunately the tiger here will simply row it’s back.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the strategy isn’t to keep everyone in debt and enhance the control over the politicians. Don’t play ball, I will give your opponents money to win. They literally own the region.

    The current situation is nothing new and will continue because people don’t vote and the few that do are drone voters. I really hope that some day the people stop listening to all the bs and open their eyes. The word “free” seems to be a hypnotic suggestion that puts the supporters in a trance. Manchurian El Paso?

    Look at the region, the same idiots that get us deeper every year rotated positions and are on a path to winning.

  2. And, just this morning, I see that Mtn. Star has already spoken to City and County “leaders,” and something called the United Soccer League, about a freaking soccer stadium! Why the hell can’t they finally suggest Cohen Stadium as a venue for something like this?

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