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Is it just me or is the job market out here lacking? I’m an educated individual, with merits. I’m sitting at a desk, with no work because I’ve done mine as well as some of the work of my colleagues. I’m not a laid back person. I like to keep busy. Yet here I am, busting my hump, not even making 15 an hour. What is wrong with the job market in this city? Either I am over qualified or not qualified enough when applying to positions that interest me. I’ve applied to city jobs, I’ve tried local small business as well. The highest paying jobs out there seem to be call centers and the like. I tried that too and burned out after 2 years of working with people who seemed to hate life and everything in it. I am not from El Paso so my connections in the professional world out here are nonexistent. I guess I’m just asking, where should I be looking for work out here that pays a livable wage?

The responses give us a snapshot of the local labor market for professionals. Go check it out.


  1. Sad, eh? Yea, my adult kids had to leave to get decent salaries. More and more warehouses are being set up on the east side and mission valley: hopefully workers will take cues from the successful Amazon union organizers and members.

  2. Think outside the box and work for yourself. The worst that can happen is you discover your boss is an a**hole. However, you cannot be fired. “This could be Heaven or this could be Hell.”

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