Paul Foster’s Vision for El Paso

Here’s Paul Foster presenting his vision for El Paso at the recent TEDx El Paso event.

When, do you suppose, was the last time Paul Foster walked down Avenida Juarez?

Those rich people, God bless them, live in a bubble of gated communities, private compounds, and polo fields. They have no idea about the perfectly good world the rest of us live in.

No one knows downtown Juarez better than I do. Strangers have been paying me to take them on tours of downtown Juarez for three years. I’ve been going to Juarez as an “adult” since I was fifteen. Today will be the third tour of the week for me, and one day I went over by myself in search of the best flautas in Juarez. That’s four times this week.

The downtown Juarez economy functions perfectly well, with buyers and sellers allocating resources according to supply and demand. North of the border, South El Paso is a hotbed of mercantile activity. Those stores buzz.

Unfortunately for Mr. Foster, it’s not Rodeo Drive. But there’s a reason for that.

Residents of both sides of the border have limited incomes. But we make do. We get by. We’re happy.

Mr. Foster, et al, don’t understand how we can be happy without private jets and bodyguards. Or at least upscale fine dining. And they have the hubris to think that they can tell us what it takes to breed contentment.

Mr. Foster says we need to stop beating each other up. But he and his cronies are the ones who started the fight, with their scorched earth vision for our community. “Stop resisting,” he means. “We know what’s good for you.”

Mr. Foster seems like a nice guy. I reckon he’s just fallen in with bad company.


  1. 15:05 “We need to all grow in the same direction.” Translation: Just do what l think is best and don’t question it. Paul is truly a pompous ass!

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