Our Excellent Adventure

Those cats at the Borderplex Alliance suggest our region become known for Quality. Where should we start?

Maybe we should begin by asking for excellence from local governments. Okay, Sunland Park might not be the best example, but what about all the shenanigans we suffer through in El Paso? How about a little more transparency? We could start by being honest about the long delays on San Jacinto Plaza and the Country Club Road improvements.

How about more public service and a little less self service? Maybe El Paso’s current crop of elected officials could stop looking at election cycles and start being responsible to the citizens and taxpayers. How about some fiscal responsibility? That would be a first step on the long road to quality government.

How about if we start by holding the police responsible for their aberrant behavior? Don’t you think that shooting a handcuffed prisoner in the sallyport of the jail should require more than job termination? Couldn’t we let an open court of law decide the merits of the case, instead of reaching a decision behind the closed doors of a grand jury? Imagine if the El Paso Times hadn’t asked for the video of that shooting through the Texas Public Information Act. We’d never know what happened there, just like we don’t know for sure what’s happened in all the other shootings by police.

How about some quality from our marketers? It’s All Good? That does not scream quality. Instead, it announces that we’ll settle for mediocrity. Potholes? Deteriorating infrastructure? It’s all good. Ni modo. No one gives a damn. What can you do?

The height of irony (or hypocrisy) is that the people who are advocating Quality in the region aren’t capable of delivering it themselves. Oh well. I guess it’s all good.


  1. Maybe we should find another phrase from 10 or 20 years ago and recycle it once again (i.e. “Its all good” or….ugh, I hate to type it: “El Paso Up”, which I guess is a take on “Cowboy Up”…jeezus its terrible.) The (B)Ad firm who did it was probably paid a quarter million or more for this. How about “Lay some skin on me” or “Wassssupppaaaahhhhhhhh” They could just recreate popular commercials from 30 years ago like “Where’s the Beef”. More moronic than ironic!

  2. El Paso: Be Yourself
    Nothing amazing but more honest than “itsallgood”…..and it’s on the house.

      1. But do you think we’ll be able to get the political types making decisions to go with something as contrary to their natures as “Be yourself”? I’m not even sure that we’d want them to. Be themselves, I mean.

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