How are we doing?

A couple of tradesmen I know, top-notch remodel types, are hurting for work. Like if you call them, they’re at your house in a half an hour, with sharp pencils. So I’m wondering if this anecdotal evidence suggests a more general economic malaise.

The State Comptroller says that sales tax receipts for the City of El Paso rose 0.51% in June compared to a year ago. For the County, the rise was 1.13%. It’s not exactly a recession, but it’s close.

The national inflation rate, if you’re wondering, for the twelve months ending in May, was zero. So half a percent is really half a percent.

Add that to the recent editorial published by the El Paso Times documenting a decrease in private sector wages, and I’d say we’re close to a crisis here.

So what? It’s all good? It’s starting to sound like “Let them eat cake.”

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