Oh, the Hypocrisy!

Are out-of-towners meddling in El Paso’s affairs?

From KVIA:

A leader of the Paso Del Sur group opposing building an arena in the Duranguito neighborhood has called out a[n out-of-town] consultant hired by the Paso Del Norte group for advice he offered during the 2012 Quality of Life bond process.

El Paso historian David Romo says sports consultant Rick Horrow is to blame for the city stripping the arena ordinance of the word “sports” in favor of “multi-purpose performing arts facility.”

Romo says Horrow taught cities, including El Paso, “how to do bait and switch projects.”

. . .

Romo pointed specifically to No. 1 and No. 10 on Horrow’s list. No. 1 states: “It’s not about sports. De-emphasize, even in triumphant cities, the sports model.”

Meanwhile, No. 10 states: “Each individual project, on its own, will have little chance of passage. together, bundled, is the most enticing way to present the idea to voters.”

City Representative Michiel Noe had this to say:

“It’s a little bit depressing that outside influences can cost our taxpayers so much money,” Noe said. “People think they know what’s best for our city.”

Oh, wait, he was talking about J.P. Bryan financing the arena opposition. Never mind.


  1. Rick Horrow is the stadium pimp. He’s planted these turds in towns all over the country using the same scam. Allentown, Pa was the last one I saw whilst delivering one of my fine precision engineered diesel 4X4 trucks. It was tragic. You could walk one block in any direction from the arena and be in the middle of abject poverty. Our leaders are selfish low rent rubes. Rick Horrow preys on assholes like that.

  2. Someone from outside the asylum has to help. As the saying goes “the inmates are running the institution”.

    Not everyone in Texas is stupid and gullible !

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