Not Too Bad If You’ve Got Low Standards, Part 2

Did you see this article on clickbait website It claims that, among big cities in the U.S., El Paso has locked in 38th place for the best city to live in. We’re not as desirable as cities like Bakersfield, CA; Jacksonville, FL; or Albuquerque. But we beat out Oklahoma City, New Orleans, and Tucson.

Of course, big cities aren’t our real competition, if you believe City Representative Cortney Niland. Addressing the news that the San Jacinto Plaza remodel won’t be finished until possibly the year end holidays, Niland said

“We’re going to get it done,” Niland said, “but it’s going to be to the level of the expectations that absolutely El Pasoans deserve, because this is our crown jewel and it will be fabulous. It’s going to knock the socks off of Las Cruces, Van Horn and everybody else. It’s going to be fantastic.”

Really? Van Horn? Those are the standards by which we judge ourselves?

Come on, El Paso. The problem isn’t city government. The problem is you expect too much.


  1. meanwhile every single business surrounding the park is now closed. i guess with the exception of la malinche, but that one is new. devastatingly sad.

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