Murmurs: El Paso Public Library = Chicano Memorial Museum

The word in the smoke-filled back rooms of the the back alleys of the side streets of the halls of government is that the Downtown Branch of the El Paso Public Library will be converted into the Hispanic Cultural Center, or whatever name it’s going by now.

They’re also saying that the City will kick in about $17 million in Certificates of Obligation, because, you know, let’s party.

Obviously, with rumors, the numbers are suspect.

But it’s the thought that counts.


  1. I’m sorry but I still don’t see the point of a Mexican Cultural Center. (Wasn’t it changed from Hispanic to Mexican???) I voted for the Cultural Center because I thought it would be cool to highlight all of the cultures in El Paso’s history, from the cowboy to the paisano to the Spanish land grant holders to the Chinese railroad workers. I don’t see the point of singling out only one culture. But then, El Paso is over 80% Mexican-American (Lily Lemon did not want us to say Hispanic because it might include an undesirable from Puerto Rico) so I guess our no longer diverse city wants to keep it that way.

  2. Wouldn’t it be cool if El Paso, Inc or the El Paso Times called up a few folks, including Mayor Margo to find out if there is substance behind the rumor?

  3. This is still ongoing. Recent plans seem to include removing the children’s and young adult sections of the library. Tons of kids use these areas. Also, I too voted to have a new museum, not remove my library’s important sections.

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