Just a Scrap

Mayor Dee Margo seemed to put the blame for the tax increase on incumbent representatives Peter Svarzbein, Michiel Noe, and Claudia Ordaz. ““I don’t like any of the numbers,” he said in an interview with El Paso Inc. last week. “I don’t like the budget. I don’t like the required tax increase at 3.93 cents. I find out once I get here it had already been preplanned from prior councils and was projected in last year’s (budget) as well.”

So who are the fiscally irresponsible?


  1. Do all of you remember awhile ago that l mentioned that l still had a campaign flyer from that pile of crap then known as Mayoral hopeful Dee Margo? Of course you all do. And the reason why l mentioned it was because l pointed out the contradiction in his flyer. lt literally reads, “EL PASOANS: lt’s Time For A Leader WHO PUTS YOU FIRST.” And then the bottom half of the flyer mentions a list of people and associations that endorses him. And the first person that Dee mentions that endorses him is “Current Mayor Oscar Leeser.” ln other words Dee is going to try to convince you that he’s not like the old elitist guard, oh no, he’s new, pure, honest blood, and in the next breath he proudly displays the endorsements of the old oligarchy. Well guess what everybody? l’m currently looking at that same flyer, and would y’all like to know who else he was proud to accept endorsements from? Answer: Michiel Noe, Claudia Ordaz, and Peter Svarzbein. Dee Margo is truly a two-faced weasel, which means in this town full of imbeciles, he’s “only” going to win re-election by 89% of the vote.

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