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From the TheRoyalTourBlog.com:

“Call me as soon as you’re back across the border,” said my mother. “Text me every hour,” said my girlfriend. “Just don’t go to Juarez. It’s not safe,” said pretty much everyone I told of my plan to cross the border from El Paso for a day. However, despite all the trepidation from both my loved ones and random strangers, I feel a calling to see Juarez. I can’t effectively write about El Paso without discussing the border, and I can’t write about the border without crossing it. So on a warm May morning, I walk over the bridge, leaving the US behind for the oft-maligned Mexican metropolis of Juarez.

As comfortable as I am traveling solo in foreign countries where I don’t speak the language, having only a day to see Juarez – and yes, with the city’s reputation in the back of my mind – I charter Rich Wright of Juarez Walking Tours for a private excursion. He meets me on the American side of the border, and promises to drop me back off on the American side of the border, which makes my mom a bit more at ease. We pay the 50 cent per person bridge toll for pedestrians, and set off across the mighty Rio Grande, which is anything but mighty these days between lack of rain and snow in the Rockies and dams further upriver.

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  1. Next time visit Juarez after 9pm, and you will be lucky if you return unharmed.

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