It’s Who You Know

From a Letter to the Editor in the El Paso Times:

Last week, KFOX News reported on a vaccination event at the El Paso Zoo where shots were given to people who did not pre-register for the event and may not have met the age or underlying conditions requirements.

On Monday, I found out an outdoor clinic at UMC on Sunday gave vaccinations to people who got phone calls from friends or family members telling them to get to UMC right away so they could get vaccinated. Again, no pre-registration. A friend of mine got a call on Sunday and immediately went to UMC with his wife. They were vaccinated without pre-registering.

Who’s running this mess? Why are we being told to pre-register at if others can just show up and get vaccinated without pre-registering?

Who, indeed?

I’m guessing that there’s too much vaccine at these events. Better to get on the horn and call in reinforcements than to pour the vaccine down the sink.

But why is there too much vaccine?

Is it that extra vaccine in the vials? Are people no-showing their appointments?

Better to use it than to lose it, but maybe the needle pushers could line up a standby list, instead of just calling their brothers-in-law.


  1. A good question indeed. WHO was administering these vaccine shots, available to the general public by “word of mouth?” I pre-registered 10 days ago and so far only have an acknowledgement of my application. Age and pre-existing medical conditions will get you nowhere if you don’t Know The RIght People…

  2. What is the provenance of the photo, Rich? Is this an image of used and discarded syringes for Covid-19 vaccine? Or is this a shooting gallery for addicts? Please identify clearly. Also ID the photographer and indicate where permission was granted or whether it’s open source.

    1. I took that picture in front of a strip club in Juarez last January.

      Thanks for asking.

        1. A person can get away with a lot of truth telling if they don’t name names.

  3. The whole vaccine process seems to be total FUBAR here. An 82 year old friend got his at the west side UMC and there was little process and about one client every 15 minutes. I mean, you could do 20 an hour if it was important, which it clearly isn’t.

    I’m going to wait and and see who drops dead. Then get mine, maybe. If there were any western ethics operating here, we’d vaccinate the poor first and Hunt and Foster last.

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