It’s Only (Your) Money

From this weekend’s El Paso Inc.:

We hear the deal is done, and there’s an announcement coming soon. What deal? The deal to bring Great Wolf Lodge, a chain of indoor waterparks and hotels, to El Paso.

The location is about forty acres at Interstate 10 and Paso del Norte now owned by billionaire businessman Paul Foster. The city is reportedly partnering with Great Wolf to buy the land.

Well, I don’t know where Paso del Norte Street is, and neither does Google, but there’s a street called Paseo del Norte out there by on the west side, by where Hunt Properties is heavily invested. It’s Artcraft on the other side of I-10, and there’s 43 acres for sale out there, according to

I guess if the city owns it, Great Wolf will never have to pay property taxes on it, like the ballpark.

Do you reckon your City Council Representative signed off on this deal?


  1. Signed offed ? If it wasn’t for an organ grinder(escobyrd) the monkey (Slapstick) wouldn’t have a job. He’s so stupid he really believes he’s the one playing the organ.

  2. Curiously, this story didn’t appear online. Looks like someone’s trying to put a lid on it. But now you know.

  3. Even though we are on the far east side, I don’t doubt that our rep is on board with this fine example of one more fleecing of the tax paying public. This inquiring mind would also like to know when the hell those bastards are going to bring a real money making, salary offering business that might promise a lot of paying jobs for somebody outside the service industry to this town?

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