It’s All Better

I got a couple of reports from the meeting last Thursday of the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau Strategic Communications Advisory Board, or the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau Strategic Communication Advisory Board, for short.

According to the Mithoff Burton, the advertising agency responsible for the slogan, It’s All Good, it’s all good.  They are doing just great with it, getting along swimmingly, getting lots of good press for El Paso, and blah, blah, blah.  So there’s no need to worry about the trite and ineffective slogan that the City paid $300,000 for.

A cynic might think they were slapping a fresh coat of paint on the Titanic and telling the passengers that it’s all good.

Also, Bill Burton, El Paso’s Don Draper, repeated several times that It’s All Good isn’t a brand, it’s a phrase.  In my opinion, an empty, meaningless, ineffective phrase that in no way reflects El Paso’s Brand Strategy, because, apparently, Mithoff Burton doesn’t do Brand Strategies, they do phrases.

If you don’t have a Brand Strategy, you’re letting someone else dictate your brand.  Your letting chance and happenstance manage your brand.  So instead of countering the negative brand connotations of a show like The Bridge, where murderous psychopaths kill women and roam with impunity through a small West Texas town full of hicks and idiots, instead you have . . . It’s All Good.

It’s like we don’t care.

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