“If Only They Knew The Truth”

Here’s a good story from DavidK’s Refuse the Juice blog:

The El Paso Times is patting itself on the back for winning an award tied to their defamatory and complete bag of shit reporting around the EPISD bond management contract.

I think the real story – which would be about the story itself – would be more interesting.

What if they were to give the entire truth? What if they laid out their plan? It would go like this.

Susie Byrd goes to ask Gafcon to support Vero’s run for congress. Gafcon guy tells Susie that not only can he not give money to Byrd, but one of her opponents, Dori, has actually retained his services for advice on how to run a campaign. Susie gets uber pissed about this because you do not cross Vero.

Susie has her guy at the EP Times – Bob Moore – get ready to write a completely misleading piece about the Gafcon contract in order to put all the blame on a single member of the school board who happened to be running against Vero. But Bob Moore needs something more than just Susie’s angry words. Susie provides all the documentation under the table. But Bob Moore realizes he has to get it under an open records request because what Susie did was wrong… very very wrong.

Is it true? Beats me. But some stories are too good to check.

Read the whole piece at Refuse the Juice.


  1. Then again, David K is a hardcore republican who resents the fact that the City his folks make a living scamming off of is pretty apathetically in the blue column so the people here are too stupid to vote for someone as brilliant as he is. Why not go after two women who have the balls to do more than run and lose for office one time? I used to have some respect for his approach to blogging but in the last year it’s become one post after another with hypothetical stories about what might have happened while Byrd and Escobar were twirling their mustaches in smokey backrooms like good villains.

    I have a hard time believing that the only evil people at work in El Paso politics are those two but to hear David K talk about it they are just this side of the Illuminati in high heels and lipstick. I’m not a huge fan of either one, but when David K is one of the more rational republicans carrying water for the conservatives I really have to take his conspiracy theories with a very large grain of salt… usually chased by some tequilla and lime.

  2. Rich, I was kind of disappointed that you would link to anything David K (Karlsruher) writes about. He moved away to Austin/D.C. as a Lobbyist and YES, he sure does HATE El Paso. In fact, every column is basically how stupid the citizens of El Paso are. How the natives are zombie like and don’t know anything about anything. But, David, being 39 years old, sure knows its all. He continues to crap all over El Paso any opportunity he gets.

    He’s not a journalist, but a blogger with an ax to grind because El Paso has the temerity to be dominantly Democrat. I find him more like a Sean Hannity. Democrats are Evil. Republicans are Good. Like some simpleton. His parents, John and Eileen,who own CSA Constructors, make money off of the city and were HUGE Dori Fennenbock supporters. So, any and every opportunity to paint Veronica Escobar and Susie Byrd as the Nexus of Evil, he would do so. It just got plain ridiculous when he flat out lie. El Pasoans were not going to vote for a wealthy Anglos west-side woman who had been a Republican all her life. But, that didn’t stop David K from demonizing El Pasoans. Ironic, as he lives in Austin which is a Democratic city, but doesn’t crap on that city. So, do I detect reverse racism from him?
    And, he frequently links up with “Max Powers” whose real name is Ali Enrique Ravazi. Ravazi(Twitter handle Aerorazavi), recently commented how Susie Byrd finally got up enough energy to bathe, wash her hair and shave her legs. And, would comment regulary on State Representatives Marisa Marquez’ breasts size. Misogynist? Sure, just like David K, who was advocating HB 3 (Bathroom Bill) and aligning himself with Dan Patrick. He claimed grown men in beards would be patrolling restrooms looking for children. Wrong. Anyway, I digress. Razavi and family were sued and fined $100,000 for falsely misleading solar panels as made in the USA when they were actually made in China–and a proven fire hazard.
    Razavi even knocked Byrd and Escobar for drinking at the Kentucky Club! Hell, that’s my kind of watering hole–going back over 40 years! Keep up the good work.

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