How Quickly They Forget

I stumbled across this gem the other day. From the El Paso Chamber of Commerce:

Recommended Action [regarding the 2012 Quality of Life bonds]

The Government Relations Division Executive Committee recommends that the Governing Board of The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce support the proposed Quality of Life Bond with the following caveats: the impact to local property taxpayers will be capped at $.05 per $100.00 property valuation; the bond cost will be capped at $500M; a 2012 bond oversight committee will be established and the Greater Chamber will be represented on the committee; and finally, that a preference of contracts to local vendors be given, when possible, based on available skills and compliance to established regulations and ordinances.

Action Taken

The Government Relations division unanimously approved the recommended action on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. The Chamber’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors unanimously approved this position on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

These days the Chamber is full speed ahead on the bond projects, including the arena. Which is weird, because taxes are killing El Paso businesses, and the Chamber is supposed to represent El Paso businesses.

I guess they forgot who they used to be.

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