Hillary’s Body Double?

I don’t want to pick sides in this election, but there’s something to this theory.

After suffering a collapse at the 9/11 ceremony from being “overheated” by temperatures in the upper 70’s, Hillary Clinton was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to rest. Several hours later at 11:45 am, Hillary emerged, hugged a small child, and posed for photos as she told the media “I feel great” over and over again.

But shortly thereafter, people noticed something odd about the “Hillary” that emerged from the apartment upon closer examination. Several conspiracy theorists began to speculate that Hillary actually was actually swapped out with a body double. Although this assertion seems crazy initially, take the time to look at these pictures and you’ll notice the subtle differences between the two women.

Check out the pictures at Fury.news.


    1. I dunno. That girl walking around yesterday afternoon didn’t look like she had walking pneumonia.

      But I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’ll be happy if neither of them win.

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