Hey Beto

Which one of your brilliant political advisors decided it would be a good idea to hammer voters incessantly into the run up to the election?

If a voter wasn’t persuaded after five texts and phone calls, do you think you can convince them with fifteen?

If I hadn’t already decided, do you think a barrage of text messages would convince me?

Thursday I got 2 texts and a phone call in 15 minutes.

You guys are like someone’s annoying little brother that wants a ride to the mall. Either I’m taking you or I’m not. And if I said yes once, isn’t that enough?

Did you think I’m going to forget that Election Day is Tuesday? Do you think that I’ll forget to vote?

Do you think that bothering me all week, multiple times a day, is more effective than just reminding me Tuesday morning?

I’m getting texts from the Texas Democrats, MoveOn, PoweredxPeople, and individual campaigns. Enough is enough. Lay off already.

You’re going to flip some otherwise Democrat voters, and other just won’t show up. I don’t think that’s the result you’re going for.


    1. They’re not robots. They’re Carly, and Madeline, and Rolf. Anna and David. You are so cynical, Kathy.

      I don’t tell them STOP. I tell them they’ve convinced me to vote for Trump and Cornyn. That really shuts them up.

    2. I have the option using my Samsung phone to push a message button “please text me” if it’s from an unsaved or unknown number. For texts I just spam them. It has actually gotten better in the last 10 days.

  1. I think my mistake was giving money to more than one Democratic candidate, and it is not just Beto behind this barrage of texts and emails. And, yeah, I have responded to many of them with ‘Stop,’ but it’s like playing whack-o-mole, isn’t it?

  2. This is what happens when everyone has your phone number, that you have to reveal now to be served. When someone asks for my phone number, I give them the number of the last telemarketer or text marketer that spammed me.

    What goes around comes around.

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