Greetings From Cyberspace

Lately El Chuqueño has been attacked by Russian bots. Lots of bots. Maybe it’s because last week in the comments I invoked the name of He Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned.

No, not Voldemort. Not Darth Vader. The other one.

Peculiar, isn’t it? You’d think that those bots had better things to do than attack a blog that mainly focuses on local issues out in Far West Texas.

One reader has told me that she has been unable to comment on posts. My apologies to her and to anyone else who has been denied their voice.

So far El Chuqueño’s defenses have shown great courage in holding off the spam comments of the invaders. But I’ve decided that, to be extra safe, I should beef up the site’s defenses.

Maybe I’ll get some Turkish drones.

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