Good News on the Traffic Front

In a story headlined West Side traffic jam relief will take years, the El Paso Times mentions some good news.

Monday’s West Side traffic nightmare during rush hour lasted until nearly sundown, and it probably won’t get much better for at least another eight months.

See, next week sundown comes a little earlier. So if the West Side traffic nightmare lasts till nearly sundown, you should be getting home a little earlier.

Just wait till December.


  1. As usual, the title of a news article has little to do with the actual content of the article. One line in paragraph four of this lengthy article simply states that it will take four years to complete the I-10 expansion project. The alarmist title of the article: “West Side traffic jam relief will take years”.

    Hahahaha. I live in North Hills and it takes me all of 10 minutes to get to work on Post in the heaviest traffic. I have little sympathy for the uppity Westsiders. Not only that, but the Franklins are most beautiful on the Eastern slopes.

    1. This is how we are collectively screwed….eastsiders and northeastsiders expressing scorn for “uppity Westsiders..” Who cares if the entire westside is immobilized? Just a bunch of rich people…

      Meantime the folks who REALLY have the power sit back and snicker..

      What about a four-year completion date doesn’t compute as “years” for you??

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