From That Guy Who Always Rings Twice

I got a couple of interesting political advertisements in the mail today.

One was from Yes! Yes! For El Paso First Responders. They propose that “our city is stronger than ever.” I guess they haven’t looked at the city budget. Then again, the former City of El Paso Chief Financial Officer Carmen Arrieta Candelaria is on the board of the El Paso Firemen and Policemen’s Pension Fund, so they may have fallen into the alternative accounting universe where she lives.

The other piece of political propaganda I received was from the Cortney Niland Campaign. It highlighted Joshua Dagda’s 2012 arrest for drunk driving, though it doesn’t mention whether or not he was convicted. I found this mailer interesting because secure frontrunners rarely resort to negative advertising. In my hyperactive imagination, this to me signals that the polls that Ms. Niland has commissioned show that she’s vulnerable, perhaps even trailing. She can’t, apparently, run on her record, so she has to run against this political neophyte with a negative campaign.

Well, early voting has already commenced, and election day is right around the corner. I wonder if anyone will vote.

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