Free Streetcar Rides!

Good news! If you are one of those people who usually takes the bus from UTEP to downtown, or vice versa, the City is going to let you keep a little jingle in your pocket.

From KTSM:

Starting today, June 17, the El Paso Streetcar will be free to ride, at least until Labor Day.

The El Paso Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Management District and DoubleTree Hotel are sponsoring the rides every day through Labor Day.

So you can take the trolley instead of spending your milk money on the bus.

Sure, the trolley takes a little longer, and you never know exactly when it’s coming, but a buck and a half is a buck and a half, am I right?

(My milk money goes towards Natural Light. You can buy Natural Light by the quart at PoPo’s at Mesa and Fourth, conveniently located just off the trolley route.)

Because the City can’t lose money fast enough, and the taxpayers still have a little left.


  1. The trolley is definitely “free”…..well, up until the moment you’re forced to pay your taxes.
    Natural Light? Whoa, it looks like we have a real high roller in the room. You probably drink your Natural with your pinky up!

    1. One day I was sitting on my front steps and I saw Dave walking up the to may neighbor’s house. I could tell by the shape of his plastic bag that he had a couple of quarts. Hey Dave, I said. What kind of beer do you drink? I drink both kinds, Dave told me. Busch and Natural Light.

  2. This is just more silliness. As the idjits who run this city still are unaware, most of us do not live anywhere near that trolley’s route, and have no need to ride it at any time. So, while I usually and gladly say, “Free is me,” that sentiment just does not apply here.

  3. Did I mention that Budweiser is still on sale? It’s basically cheaper than water now.

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