El Paso Electric is a Bad Corporate Citizen

The El Paso Inc. reports that El Paso Electric Company CEO Mary Kipp was recently feted at the El Paso Country Club.

El Paso Electric CEO Mary Kipp, “wanted for breaking glass ceilings,” was the roastee at the El Paso Child Guidance Center’s 16th annual dinner and roast.

Kipp is the first female chief executive in El Paso Electric’s 116-year history and one of only a handful nationwide.

I’ve got news for y’all. The El Paso Electric Company is not a good corporate citizen for El Paso, and Ms. Kipp should not be celebrated.

El Pasoans pay, if not the highest, among the highest electric rates in Texas. Unlike the rest of Texas, El Pasoans don’t have a choice. El Paso Electric enjoys a monopoly in El Paso, while the rest of Texas enjoys the benefits of competition.

We can congratulate Ms. Kipp for breaking glass ceilings, but let’s not pretend like she’s good for El Paso. She runs up the costs of service and then makes a profit on the new higher costs. Now they’re hitting us up for rate increases every year, despite record profits.

But I guess El Paso Electric’s Board of Directors deserves some of the blame.

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