Downtown Living Tour

The Downtown Management District is offering a tour of all the lovely places to live in DWNTWN!

Here’s the money quote, from DMD honcho Joe Gudenrath:

“The desire to live in Downtown El Paso is strong based on the number of new housing options that continue to open up.”

By extension, the demand for sand in the Sahara is strong, based on the how much of it there is.

If the desire to live downtown is so strong, then why offer a tour?

The tour is $15, and there’s food and drink included. Might be a good way to while away a Saturday afternoon, unless you’d rather get your teeth cleaned.


  1. I’m moving into the Campbell in May, tour not withstanding. And I get TWO free parking spaces, one at the Campbell and another at the federal bldg garage (secured). Commute to work: 2 minute walk…

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