Does Tommy G Know El Paso?

Do you reckon City Manager Tommy Gonzalez has ever been to the east side?

Has he ever had a beer at Whiskey Dick’s, or, better, Mulligan’s Chopped Hog?

Has he ever been to Chico’s Tacos? Has he ever had a bowl of menudo at the Good Luck?

Has Tommy G ever been to a WIC store? Food City? Zeke’s?

The people who go to those places are his constituents, too. Some of them might even vote, not that Tommy G is concerned about the voters. He only has to fool City Council.

Yesterday City Council set admission prices for the City’s new water parks. The City will charge $8 for adults, and $6 for children and seniors.

That’s in addition to the money El Paso’s taxpayers are shelling out for the construction and operations and maintenance of the water parks.

I expect the water parks will attract a lot of the AARP crowd.

At $8 a rattle, I don’t reckon many El Pasoans will go more than once a season, if they go at all.

More likely, most El Pasoans won’t go at all, or they’ll go once to scratch that off their lifetime bucket list.

The water parks are next year’s streetcars.

You have to wonder what the City is thinking. They might not be corrupt, but no other explanation makes as much sense.


  1. Tommy Gonzalez as Rasputin? (Do you suppose that similarity between that name, from the dying days of the Czars, and today’s Russian oligarch is just coincidence)?
    Whatever the explanation, it sure looks like our elected officials, since John Cook sold us all out, seem to be enthrall to our shitty City Managers.

  2. Tommy on the Eastside of El Paso???
    Only for photo ops.
    Why this city is not good enough for his children to attend our local schools.
    He has never considered El Paso his home. He is here only for the money as he continues to search for another job. Too bad other cities are not picking up this type of candidate.

  3. I saw Tommy and a woman at the Charcoaler on Airway. Even got a picture of them. Of course, he flies a lot so that’s convenient. Does that count?

    1. I’ll give Tommy props for taking a lunch date to Charcoaler, but any Uber driver knows that Airway is central these days. N’cest pas?

  4. Tommy G is a mercenary who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything other than Tommy G. I have posted this before, but it bears repeating. He got his Fired by the City of Irving. One of the no no’s was squeezing vendors and shaking them down.

    The ONLY reason he’s around is that no one else will hire him at the rate–or more than El Chuco is. So, we are stuck with him. Along with that other pendejo, Juan Cabrera. The Mayor? Well, I’m guessing he’ll be gone once the election rolls around. Any more word on those “gourmet” foods they will be selling at the Water Parks? Last time I noticed they were wanting $8.00 a pop for a “gourmet” hot dog…

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