Do they have a long term plan?

I mean the richest people in El Paso. The people who got us into this mess.

Do they have a long term plan, besides building their already vast generational wealth?

All the middle managers, the lawyers and lobbyists and cogs in the wheel are only looking out for themselves, making hay while the sun shines, trying to make money today, and tomorrow, and this quarter. They’re willing to shaft El Paso’s future if they can bank an extra ten or twenty or a hundred grand this year.

And the richest people in El Paso have enabled them and are enabling them.

But they must be smart enough to know that what’s been happening isn’t working.

Property taxes go up every year while City Government keeps tarting El Paso up, with public art and Quality of Life projects that don’t deter our downward spiral. Our best and brightest keep leaving for greener pastures. We might pick up some light industry, but small businesses, the backbone of any city’s economy, are being forced to shutter their doors.

The richest people in town could change that. They have enough wealth and influence to lead us out of this impending and immediate disaster. If they had the vision, and the will.

Do they?

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  1. Just as with all oligarchs throughout history, rich people seem to think that their money will sustain them through all events, whether those be a peasant uprising, a Great Depression, Global Climate Change, or a taxpayer exodus. And, I guess they’re right, ’cause there they still are, every time the dust settles.

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