A New Advertiser

Good news, everybody. The ballpark has a new advertiser.

That should help offset some of the expense that the City has incurred propping up that money pit.

Wait, what?

The new advertiser is the El Paso International Airport?

Isn’t that still public money? I mean, the airport is part of the City (as is, I guess you could say, the ballpark). But the airport makes money, from airlines and rental car agencies and parking. And being a landlord for all that extra property it owns, the warehouses and golf course and strip malls.

Besides propping up the ballpark, what’s the point of the airport advertising at the ballpark? Who, or what, is the airport competing against? Greyhound?

Couldn’t we have put that money to a little better use than advertising the airport at the ballpark?

Also, while we’re at it, what’s with that “International Airport” bit? Do any international flights take off from or land at the El Paso International airport without landing someplace else in the US of A?

I’m sure the FBOs get more international traffic than the plebeian part of the airport that we all use.

Is that what makes the El Paso International Airport an international airport?


  1. Brilliant analysis, Rich. This looks like “creative accounting” by the City. The airport is making money for City Hall and the ballpark is losing money. So they decided to prop by the ballpark by giving it some of the airport’s revenue. And I’m assuming one of the only ways to do that legally is by advertising.

  2. I would like to echo that question about why we still call it the El Paso International Airport! Since that little feeder line, Aeroliteral, stopped flying out of El Paso, I don’t think we’ve had any international flights, unless they’re counting the private aircraft and/or possibly freight? And, you know I think it is redundant, to say the least, for our own airport to be propping up our little ballpark.

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