Disneyland, Chuco-style

I almost feel sorry for those nice people at the City.

They try so hard. But even with the best spin on things, they fall so short. It’s like watching two-year-olds on roller skates.

Like this column, titled Realizing our potential by District 1 Representative Peter Svarzbein:

We often talk about El Paso’s authenticity; we celebrate its unique international culture; and we feel pride when the city is represented on a national or international level.

But, when we talk about its reached potential, we fall short. We lament the things we don’t have: Six Flags, Disneyland, or even an Ikea, a River Walk bustling with business and tourism like San Antonio. That’s where we are wrong. We could build our OWN unique attraction, that is not copying any other city. It’s within our grasp.

So what is Rep. Svarzbein’s idea of an attraction that will compete with Six Flags, Disneyland, the River Walk, or even an Ikea?

Downtown is moving in the right direction, escaping some of the worst travesties of 60’s urban renewal and is steadily on the rise with new restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.

And, soon, a new historic streetcar line, with very special streetcars will be brought back to life!

Just think, this is our opportunity to celebrate our past while building our future. It will be an amenity to show and share our unique border culture and history with the rest of the world. The streetcar route will be our River Walk.

That’s right. Streetcars.

El Paso will be like Disneyland, or Six Flags, but we’ll only have one ride. I’ll wager that it won’t even be as interesting as an Ikea.

God bless them. Their hearts might be in the right place, but their heads are in a completely disconnected reality.

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  1. You don’t suppose this delusional nut job Svar is hinting at another future political gig? Only in this town can spending $3 to receive an extra $1 in revenue be considered “progress/progressive.” l thought that the reason we spent zillions of $ on these big, fancy, high tech BRIO buses was so we didn’t have to rely on other forms of transportation like trolleys. “…..their heads are in a completely disconnected reality.” Yeah, that’s the point that l made a few weeks ago when we had our minor so-called “disagreement.” Elirichiboy, you were going the ‘evil rich guy controls everything’ route, and l was going the ‘people aren’t that corrupt, they’re just crazy, stupid, and delusional’ route. But l’m not here to chastise you, in fact, l’ve been reading and enjoying your posts for quite some time and l’ve concluded that if you ever ran for local office, you would do a much better job than the slimy weasels that we have to continue to suffer with. This next thing might sound a little off the wall, but if you ever did run for office (Mayor, CC) l will be happy to throw in a $1000 campaign contribution. That’s how disgusted l am with this garbage. l’m not even going to pretend that l’m electable.

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