Champions League Today

Okay, sports fans, here’s a gift for all of you who are encumbered by day jobs.

Champions League is winnowing down to the Round of Sixteen, where the real tournament action starts. Today marks the last games of the final elimination round, starting at 12:45.

There are a some swell matches today. Barcelona plays Sporting, Paris meets Bayern, and Atlético Madrid goes up against Chelsea. Barcelona, Paris, Bayern, and Chelsea have already qualified for the knockout round. Atlético needs to win and for some other things to happen to advance. If you want to see all the games, you’ll have to go to some sports bar with multiple feeds, because all the matches start at the same time. I’ll probably go the Kentucky Club, which only has two feeds, and takes credit cards. I’ll try to use my influence to watch Paris, with Neymar, and Barcelona, with Messi.

There’s more action on Wednesday, but some of us have to work.

Champions League. Check it out.

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