Did they, or didn’t they?

Did the Commissioners Court publish their intent to raise their salaries in a local newspaper of general circulation? Because according to the Texas Local Government Code:

Sec. 152.013. PROCEDURE FOR SETTING AMOUNTS FOR ELECTED OFFICERS. (a) Each year the commissioners court shall set the salary, expenses, and other allowances of elected county or precinct officers. The commissioners court shall set the items at a regular meeting of the court during the regular budget hearing and adoption proceedings.

(b) Before the 10th day before the date of the meeting, the commissioners court must publish in a newspaper of general circulation in the county a notice of:

(1) any salaries, expenses, or allowances that are proposed to be increased; and

(2) the amount of the proposed increases.

(c) Before filing the annual budget with the county clerk, the commissioners court shall give written notice to each elected county and precinct officer of the officer’s salary and personal expenses to be included in the budget.

I expect they did, right? Except that the County Judge’s good friend, in his Lion Star blog, only mentioned that they included it in the agenda.

Did anyone notice?


  1. Interesting question. But, don’t ask me, since I never see the only English language paper left in town. I doubt if they did, and since our DA isn’t doing his job, what are we left with?

  2. Hey, according to the Judge, in this day if social media, everyone has access to Twitter, Facebook…. It should be there. Problem is, when local reporters checked, such notice was nowhere to be found.

    And as for the judge’s good friend and paid talking mouth, wasn’t he the one frothing at the mouth over City Manager Timmy Gonzalez’s raise? Well, not that I think his salary was reasonable, but for comparison, Gonzalez does manage thousands of employees directly or through his deputies and actually compiles and presents a budget to his bosses, the city council for approval. He oversees every single city department.l from police and fire to engineering to custodians. The judge and her court jesters manage ONE county employee and a handful of assistants (like lion stars bff). They approve a budget, not formulate it. So, hypocrisy much? I guess with the 42% there will be more coins to toss at their talking mouth.

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