Deus Ex Machina Redux

When Representative Dr. Sam Morgan talked about Operational Security and him knowing things that we didn’t know, I hope he was talking about the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark, and not the old story about Carlos Slim investing big in the Mexoplex.

Back when all this QoL bad idea was just getting started, there was a whisper campaign that Mr. Slim was going to bet big on the borderland. That he was going to build a domed mall right across the bridge, and create one of his signature history and culture museums in the historic downtown.

Whether it was true when it was current, or just some real estate speculator’s sales pitch, we’ll never know.

But guess what? Mr. Slim ain’t coming.

Our City Representatives keep mouthing the same stories the hornswogglers have told for years. Stories that can no longer be told in the public, because, like vampires, they turn to dust in the light of day.

The cavalry’s not coming. No one can save us but ourselves.

Once we realize that, we have a chance.

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  1. Anyone who plays the ‘OpSec defense card’ demonstrates that the only thing that surpasses their arrogance is their lack of mental stability.

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