That’s the phrase District 4 Representative Sam Morgan used to justify his vote for TIRZ 12 at yesterday’s City Council meeting.

OpSec is militarese for Operational Security. It means we, the citizens, didn’t understand City Council’s mission, and destroying the open spaces covered by the TIRZ 12 is necessary to that mission.

It means we, the taxpayers, didn’t need to know.

It means, “I’ve got a secret.”

What do you suppose the secret is? That the City of El Paso is on the brink of bankruptcy, and we need to sell off some of our open space to make payroll? Is it part of a secret strategic long term public private partnership with developers? Or is it part of some convoluted land swap deal to bring in more activities for the leisure class?

“I’ve got a secret.”

All three? Cash for the City, love for the developers, and a water park to sweeten the deal?

The City keeps telling us how transparent they are.

“I’ve got a secret.”

OpSec, they call it.

Operational Security. Need to know.

I wonder if the citizens had any kind of say-so on that operation before it became operational, or if this is another deal like every other deal the City has made behind our backs, screwing us because we’re too stupid to know what’s good for us, God bless the City and us both.

I’m just wondering.


  1. And, you are not the only one left wondering, Rich. This kind of thing has taken over, and we, the majority, have been left by the wayside (again). This is what we should expect, though, when we stay away from the polls in droves. We have the government that we so richly (no pun intended; well, maybe. Just a little) deserve.

  2. I was so enraged at this poser yesterday. Sam Morgan was never at the short end of the Special Ops team, he was an analyst. To have him brazenly lie yesterday when he said (paraphrasing) “I’m not only representing District 4 but everyone in the city and I’m all for these Tirz’s.” Can’t we get anyone in Northeast who actually cares more about taking care of the people here than lining their own pockets?

  3. Sam Morgan wasn’t even a good analyst, nor was he part at any time of any SpecOp.
    The issue I see is voter apathy. Candidates A and B have the money to file for election. They do, then A starts belittling B, who starts a fear-mongering campaign against A. Neither make concrete, sworn statements as to what they will accomplish during the tenure if elected, and neither when elected will do anything except feather their nests and the nest of the contributors.

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