Depositions Are Where the Fun’s At

If the City doesn’t get a declaratory judgement at this next hearing, and if the lawsuit goes to trial, then there should be a fine round of depositions at the courthouse.

Or wherever they do depositions. Some court recorder’s office, I reckon.

But wouldn’t it be fun to see the past city administration’s answers to all the niggling questions? About the bond propositions, for instance? There’d probably even be room to get some ballpark answers, also, if the lawyers stuck them in sideways.

Reputations would be ruined and careers would be shattered.

Here’s to schadenfreude.


  1. It won’t happen. Too much time has passed and the court will have to let them get away with “I don’t recall” type answers. No one will remember anything and it will just end up costing the taxpayers more money to argue over this whole stupid mess. How do I know? Because that’s exactly what’s happened every single other time that City folks have to testify about something. We’re lucky they can remember their names half the time. Expecting them to admit to knowing details of any complicated scheme (legal or otherwise) is just wishful thinking.

    I keep hoping that some of the new folks coming into City government would just say “let’s stop and finish our other projects and we can deal with the arena at the end” but stopping and taking time to evaluate all the pros and cons of a $180M project is too hard we need to rush to do it now now now so that prices don’t go up (what’s that old saying about “measure twice and cut once”?)

  2. If we have to have an arena, then just get on with it and put it in Durangito, which, by the way, did not even have a name until Grossman decided to become a media star.

    Joyce Wilson screwed the taxpayer over with these QOL bond issues, giving them an unrealistic low ball cost so they would pass. She wanted a legacy. Why she is still in this city is beyond me. She should have been run out on a rail.

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