Champions League Semis Today

Today is a day-drinking kind of day.

Yesterday Juventus beat Monaco 2-1, to make the aggregate 4-1. They will play the aggregate winner of today’s series, when Real Madrid drives across town to deliver the coup de grâce to Atlético. Real whumped ’em pretty good in the first half of the matchup, 3-0. That’s a big hole for Atlético to climb out of, even playing at home.

As always, I recommend Juarez for your entertainment. The whole country’s on sale, if you are used to paying El Paso prices.

I’m going to try to go El Recreo. You know, they’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so Wednesday matches are our only shot. I hope I can get Don Antonio to watch the game. He usually watches cop dramas.

And I guess the only prudent thing to do in the face of Real’s dominance is to hope for a rout. Maybe for Real to score four more goals, and for Ronaldo to get his third hat trick in a row.

El Recreo doesn’t have food, but El Negro is right down the street, so I’ll probably slip out for a barbacoa burrito at the half.

Game time is 12:45.

Call in sick, and I’ll see you there.

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