Dee Margo in His Own Words

From the May 29, 2017, El Paso Inc.:

[Mayoral candidate Dee Margo] says he’ll take what’s broken at City Hall and fix it the old fashioned way, using teamwork, focus and hard work. He’s also come very close to making the ultimate promise – no more taxes.

At the same time, he acknowledges the all but unstoppable forces of unpreventable higher bond payments and hard pressing needs for more cops and better roads.

Asked how far he’d go to keep from raising taxes, Margo said, “I’ll go as far as I can go. We cannot afford any more tax increases given what we’re dealing with here with all of these bond issues.”

Apparently, the metamorphosis of candidate Dee Margo into Mayor Dee Margo involved a heavy dose of Stockholm Syndrome.

Or maybe he was lying the whole time.

Not that I would ever call the mayor a liar.


  1. Love this and other essays, Rich.
    This is not “mild entertainment for the easily amused.’ Rather, it is civic education, but aggravating content for the formerly disengaged.
    Thank you.

  2. When it comes to Dee, it’s like l’ve already said throughout the years: based on my brief conversation that l had with him 20 years ago (+ or -) l could tell that he was a bit of a weasel. Anyone who runs for office millions of times just so they can be re elected/elected, is nothing but a power-hungry sleazeball. Then, Mayoral- hopeful Margo was happy that he was endorsed by some of the old guard, so what does that tell you? Exactly. And on that “joyful” note…..Happy Easter. I hope someone sends me an Easter Bunny made out of chocolate-flavored hydroxychloroquine. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  3. Anonymous:

    To include weasel’s and sleazeballs in the same category as Dee Margo is an insult to all Sleazeballs and Weasel’s out there. Mayor “Im going to Fix City Hall” Dee Margo is on a huge ego trip. All he is known for is being Adair Margo’s husband/wife….what has he done on his OWN? Other than marry the boss’s (sp?) daughter….? Crickets…..

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