Death By a Thousand Cuts

The word on the street is that University Medical Center will open a new hospital on the east side.

The rumor is that UMC will sell $300 million in bonds to pay for it.

The necessary conclusion is that El Paso taxpayers will foot the bill in yet another in a long string of financial indignities foisted by unfettered taxing entities on the local property owners.

I don’t know. Maybe we really need another public hospital. Maybe it should be on the east side. Maybe the feds will pay for it, with some of that COVID relief money.

But I’m thinking that in the end that new project will show up on our annual property tax bill.

Jeez Louise, all of our public servants have their hands out. Water rates are going up. Electric rates are going up. Our property tax rates are going up.

And up, and up, and up.

All of our so called public servants are getting fat while we’re cutting back.

There are two paths to financial independence in El Paso. Get a job in a non-profit, or fleece the taxpayer.

Can’t any of those bureaucrats find honest work?


    1. My house will finally be paid off next year. I’ll still owe the city $700 plus a month for taxes. I’m not leaving. I like it here. But this is clearly not sustainable. Pretty soon the company credit card won’t work anymore.

      1. And, therein lies the rub. This is “clearly not sustainable,” and worse, the people upon whom the burden will fall, don’t seem to realize it yet. I’m talking about those who are still working and trying to raise a family here. We are old and retired, and our children are all grown and gone. I suspect this long standing tradition of fiscal irresponsibility might have a lot to do with why they are gone.

  1. Why is the government competing against the private sector? Maybe this is why other companies don’t want to come here. Shouldn’t the chamber and borderplex be defending providence and las palmas?

    1. That’s what we do here. Look at the taxpayer subsidized ballpark. Look at the tax incentives we give to out-of-town entertainment retail. Look at the taxpayer subsidized Borderplex Alliance. Do you think that the Board Members of the Borderplex Alliance are going to recruit businesses that compete with their own interests?

      El Paso is a closed economy. Welcome to Rancho El Chuco.

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