Death and Taxes

Here’s a chart I lifted from a presentation the City’s Interim Director of Municipal Financial Operations gave to City Council on January 23. Look how our taxes are not only increasing, look how they’re increasing at a faster rate.

They went up four cents last year. In 2016 and 2017, they went up three cents, and two cents the year before that.

Look how that debt service is increasing. You know what we get for that? Nothing. Not one thing. That’s just the cost of borrowing money, for all the money we borrowed to buy stuff we didn’t need.

Like a digital wall.

Wait till those school bonds hit. You’re going to have to sell the Prius, and put water on your kids’ corn flakes instead of milk.

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  1. What do we have to show for increased property taxes? Shittier streets? No traffic cops? Fewer services? As goes the nation, so goes El Chuco?

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