Clueless in El Chuco

An alert reader forwarded me District 8 City Representative Cissy Lizarraga’s latest newsletter.

Rep. Lizarraga is proud to tell her constituents that, in the first nine months of the 2019 Fiscal Year, the City of El Paso has already spent 66.8 % more than in all of FY2018.

This, on the heels of the announcement of yet another annual property tax increase, and an impending bond issue of almost a billion dollars.

Does City Council know where the money they spend comes from?

They’re like the spouse that comes home from a shopping spree, and tells their significant other, “Look at all the things I bought!”

“How much did you spend?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I put it on the credit card.”

We have to fix this.


  1. l’ll start with the obvious by thanking you and the alert reader for bringing this to my attention. Well, what’s there to say? This is clearly mental illness being proudly displayed. l’m sure El Paso is in for a real treat when the national economy finally does cool down.

  2. That’s not surprising and the want to increase the budget to a billion dollars the are true communist tax and spend snt to el Paso tax payers wake the fuck a d call your reps and mayor

  3. I know Cissy personally and for the life of me, I don’t understand her logic anymore. I’m not sure if she is termed out but she needs to think before she speaks. Her enthusiasm for the trolley was troubling. Being a supporter for the Arena downtown was equally puzzling. This announcement makes no sense. She’s Dee Margo’s lap dog. Honestly, the El Paso City Council is literally a clown car. Zero leadership and fools.

    On a 2nd note, and I’m not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but to back up what you’ve been writing about regarding taxes and EP’s declining population. There was an interesting article in the NY Times about Plainview and its slow erosion. Its a worthwhile read and you could substitute El Paso for Plainview and it would be spot on. Basically, the “Texas Miracle” is only happening in 4 cities: Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. People are NOT moving to El Paso, Laredo, Beaumont, Lubbock, The Rio Grande Valley, East Texas, West Texas, South Texas or North Texas. They are moving to the Big 4 and I would add the Hill Country and the I-35 corridor connecting San Antonio to Austin with San Marcos in between.

    So, based on demographics and geographics, El Paso is going to find itself as a ghost town And, who is going to be paying the taxes? If there is any comfort it should be that El Paso will not be alone. Plainview is a perfect example.
    The brain drain continues and whats the incentive to move to El Paso? The weather? Great Mexican food? A cheap place to live?

  4. And, along with telling you that they charged it, they also like to try to convince themselves – and you – that they actually “saved” money! These people have no concept of how to manage a budget, and yet we keep electing them! I only wish we could afford to sell up and move out.

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