City Council is Helpless

In this week’s El Paso Inc., Mayor Dee Margo explains why the property tax increase isn’t his fault.

Dee Margo has been El Paso’s mayor for a little over six weeks, and now he’s having to talk seriously about doing the one thing he said in months of campaigning that he didn’t want to do – raise taxes.

And, he doesn’t like it.

“I don’t like any of the numbers,” he said in an interview with El Paso Inc. last week. “I don’t like the budget. I don’t like the required tax increase at 3.93 cents.

“I find out once I get here it had already been preplanned from prior councils and was projected in last year’s (budget) as well.”

He doesn’t like it, but he’s not going to do anything about it.

There are a lot of people avoiding responsibility for our soaring property taxes.

Here’s what the City said about the vote to jack our property tax rates, from the El Paso Times:

“Today was just providing the city manager and staff direction,” said Robert Cortinas, director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Right. Direction. Which way is up from here?

How about reining in the out-of-control spending?

When you find yourself in a hole, make the taxpayers buy you a bigger shovel.

They porked us in 2012, and each succeeding City Council has made sure we stayed porked.

Welcome to El Paso, Taxus.


  1. Imagine if he did like it . All the new ones campaigned on no raised taxes and controlled spending. Yet the few and the stupid continue to vote for them.

    All the entities are raising taxes because they know they will get elected regardless and really don’t give a damn about your opinions.

    They can’t anything about ? That’s pure bull caca. Just like when Escoba didn’t want a raise, lol. She didn’t tell you that she had a three day window to refuse the raise !

  2. ln fairness to Dee, l do remember the then Mayoral hopeful mentioning that he’s not going to raise taxes unless it’s really really inconvenient. l do recall him using the word ‘really’ twice.

  3. That’s a no go. Those projects are NOT an emergency nor a necessity.

    How inconvenient will it be for the low wages people and those on a fixed income ?

  4. Judge Mayor Margo on his entire career not just a few weeks in office and you will see someone who says and does whatever is good for Dee and Adair, so if raising taxes is bad for all of us but good for them then the taxes go up, but not more than 8 percent surprisingly.

  5. That old saying attributed to Henry Ford applies here. Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. If Council and the Mayor had the will to put a hold on taxes they could. It would be difficult and unpopular in some ways but they could. They don’t have the will/huevos.

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