Catching Up on Deferred Maintenance

Tommy G has been City Manager for about seven years.

Don’t you think that some of this deferred maintenance that the $413 million dollars the City is asking for was deferred while Tommy Gonzalez was City Manager?

And now he’s asking us to pony up because he wasn’t doing his job for the last seven years?

Tommy Gonzalez makes over $300,000 a year. And perks. Lots of perks.

Over the last seven years, has Tommy Gonzalez handled the City’s budget?

Or has he mishandled it?

Has he earned $300,000 a year?

The City is like a junkie. The more you give the City, the more the City needs.

Cut the crackhead off. Vote No on Public Safety Proposition A. Our City Government will blow through that like a crackhead.

Maybe we can give the crackhead more money when he shows us that he’s quit his habit.

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  1. I assume that Joyce Wilson knew the terrible condition of the police and fire facilities at the time that the Quality of Life Bond was put on the ballot. So for sure Mr. Gonzalez must have known once he became CM. At a recent community meeting on the bond the City Engineer indicated the city has known of these problems for at least a decade. I have seen the city staff slide show on the infrastructure needs and I believe the problems are real. Unfortunately the new facilities, command centers and HQ shown on the city slide show look like off the shelf buildings provided by the architects under general contract to the city and NOT designed as high security buildings appropriate to police and fire. That underlines how there is nothing that they are telling us that is written on stone. I am not willing to vote for a blank check based on the cost overruns of the Quality of Life Bond.

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