Cartel rumors or brain tumors?

This story comes to us from the Arizone Republic via Molly Malloy at Frontera List.

“Although the grisly deaths were portrayed by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu as the work of a narcotics cartel, investigators now say the crime was a murder-suicide perpetrated by James C. ‘Jim’ Butwin, a Valley businessman and father whose birthday was Friday.

“Glover said there was ‘absolutely no evidence’ that the slayings had any connection with drugs or drug smuggling.

“Despite that conclusion, a Pinal County Sheriff’s Office news release sent Tuesday afternoon continued to suggest that the slayings were related to narcotics cartels. A sheriff’s spokesman issued a message saying Babeu would no longer comment on the case.”

Read the story in the Arizona Republic here.

Maybe the cartels should sue for defamation.

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